Welcome to Little Farmer

The best childhood memories are made of muddy fingers and gumboots in puddles, where seasonal fruit is grown to be tasted and trees become the greatest playground. At Little Farmer, we help you create those precious moments in nature for your child through our monthly educational gardening boxes. Packed with fun, facts and plenty of love, our boxes help your child develop confidence and a lifelong bond with the outdoors.

You can subscribe to our gardening boxes as a year-long adventure or gifted as one off presents for birthdays or Christmas, a school project or special welcome from a new baby to their older sibling.

April Subscriptions Open Now

Orders for April boxes close on the 31st of March - don't miss out! 

March Box included: 

Farm your own Chinese forget me not

Farm your own French Breakfast radish

Farm your own Winter Giant spinach

Make a mushroom stamp

Make leaf creatures

6 planting pellets

Nature quiz

Each 'Farm your own' sheet includes information on how to get started, plus facts about the plant

To minimise our impact on the environment, we use recycled and recyclable packaging and products wherever possible, and only supply organic seeds.

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The Little Farmer Philosophy


Little Farmer is a unique New Zealand business offering lovingly-crafted subscription boxes for budding young gardeners. Tailored around plants, the seasons, and insects and birds, our child-friendly boxes come packed with information and 3 different types of organic seeds, 6 planting pellets, 2 nature craft activities, and a quiz.

Since the Little Farmer philosophy is minimising our impact on the environment, we supply only organic seasonal seeds. As well as sourcing all of our seeds locally, we use recycled and recyclable packaging and products wherever possible. 

Founded on a passion for gardening and the joy of seeing children learn through their natural environment, Little Farmer aims to encourage kids to spend more time outdoors and learn as they grow.  

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How Does it Work?

1. Sign Up


Simply choose your subscription length and let us do the rest. The latest Little Farmer box will be posted to your child by the 4th of every month.

2. You've got mail


Each box will be delivered to your letterbox, so you do not have to worry about being at home for a courier. Keep an eye out for the postie and enjoy the excitement of unboxing our goods each month! 

3. Ready, set, grow!


Watch your child bloom as they learn all about nature. We would love to see you share photos on Facebook or Instagram using our hashtag #littlefarmernz. Every month, our favourite photo will win a prize!

Feedback from Little Farmer Families

 My girls were thrilled to get a package addressed to them personally. They couldn't wait to open it and explore the contents. They had fun working together to make the butterfly treats (and sampling them too) and kept checking all day to see whether the butterflies had come yet. Looking forward to trying the next activity! 

Kirsty Buchanan

Best subscription I've ever bought, we get so much joy out of it.

Alyssa Sills


Really cool, such a great activity for a wide range of children. I love how much detail has gone into this. Love the info cards! The instructions are all there for you, and you only need to supply a few things yourself. So cool!

Sigourney Smith

Help Your Child's Development 


Did you know almost 85 per cent of Kiwi kids spend more than the recommended two hours maximum a day on screens? While we understand that some digital downtime is part of their world, getting kids out into the fresh air is where the real fun lies!

In today’s digital age, it is important now more than ever to get children outdoors making memories. Currently, over 50 percent of New Zealand children do not engage in messy play often, while the average child can recognise over 1000 corporate logos but less than a dozen native plants and animals. 

Gardening has a powerful effect on the development of various skills and the promotion of a healthy body, for children of all ages, creating happier and healthier kids. They include:

Healthy eating - When children get to take care of their own fruit and veggie plants, they are excited to eat the fruits of their labour. As a family, watch the plants sprout and grow together, plan colourful and nutritional recipes, and once they are ready, share the cooking prep!

Improving motor skills - Gardening uses lots of different movements, which exercises muscles in both the upper and lower body and improves children’s motor skills. It also helps to keep kids active and gives them an understanding of ways to stay healthy. 

Developing STEM skills – Children learn analytical skills through gardening. They have to make decisions around where to plant the seed depending on the amount of sunshine required, how much water is needed, and how many plants can fit in a particular area. You will be surprised how quickly they pick it up!

Improving social skills and cognitive abilities – By planting seeds and tending to their garden with an adult, children learn how to follow directions, listen, and pay attention. It also teaches them about patience while they wait for their plants to grow, and the anticipation that delayed gratification brings. 

Stress relief - Modern life can be very stressful for children. Luckily, nature is a great antidote. Flowers are psychologically proven to produce positive emotions, while the stress hormone, cortisol, has been proven to significantly decrease when people are in a garden. Put simply, gardening gives kids the warm fuzzies!


How often will I get this box?

Boxes will be posted by the 4th of each month. 

Which box will I receive when I subscribe?

If you have placed your order before the last day of the month you will be sent out the next month's box by the 4th of the month.

What's in the box?

3 packets of seeds (with just enough seeds inside to ensure they get to grow 2 of each plant - we don't want them creating a jungle in your house!)                                                                                   

6 plant pellets to start the seeds off in, so that they can get planting right away 

An information sheet for each plant about how to get started, plus facts about the plant 

2 nature activities plus some supplies

A fun quiz to see how much they have learnt!

I live outside of New Zealand, can I order a box?

Sorry, due to biosecurity regulations these boxes can't be shipped outside of New Zealand.

Can I buy just one box?

Yes, you can!    If you want the latest box select the 'month to month' subscription option. When you tick that it is a gift, it will change it to non auto renewing. Otherwise you can select a box from the 'one off box' section of the website.

What age is this recommended for?

Our boxes suit children from the age of 3 to around 10 years old. 

Do I need to have a big garden?

No, I select seeds that will usually also be able to be grown in pots.